Demystifying Mysore with Natalie Gartshore and Agi Gazda

Mysore style yoga is the traditional way of practicing Ashtanga Yoga, where students practice the Ashtanga sequence at their own pace, guided and assisted by the teacher.

We have growing Mysore communities at both Islington and Notting Hill and we would love to welcome more people to start practicing yoga this way.

We were recently joined by Agi Gazda and Natalie Gartshore to chat more about this style of yoga practice.

Facebook Live: Demystifying Ashtanga Yoga with Natalie & Agi

Natalie and Agi are both offering workshops for anyone who is keen to learn more about Mysore Yoga. Or if you'd like to come along to the classes, they always welcome beginners.

Classes take place weekdays 6.15-9.30am at Islington and 6.30-9.30am at Notting Hill. You can arrive at any time during this window and the teachers recommend you allow around 45 minutes for your first practice.

Upcoming Workshops