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Somatic Experiencing is referred to as bodywork though it often does not involve touch. We call it bodywork because we are working with the physical sensations that come from the body and the inner workings of the nervous system and it’s language - the physiology.

The technique comes from the pioneering work of Dr Peter Levine. The basis for the work is around the physiology of the survival responses.

Through a strategy called tracking we observe the sensations of the nervous system, with both practitioner and client working together to notice what is happening inside the body. The survival responses organise themselves in cycles but often in the case of trauma these cycles get halted in their completion. So with SE we explore where the survival responses have got stuck and get them moving, completing and releasing the old survival energy. This is what is called integration. To truly integrate a traumatic experience the old energy needs to be released, it is often at this time that new meanings or re framing can be gained and a sense of the past being in the past and not being re-lived in your present life.

A session will involve sitting or lying fully clothed- you can work with eyes open or closed. It is not hypnosis nor is it psychotherapy. The work is not about going into the narrative of what happened when but rather the emphasis is on what is happening inside your body in this moment as you engage with the activation that connects to the trauma story and as your nervous system is guided to a place of completion.

It is a safe, simple and effective technique. It can require some patience as you become more familiar with being with your nervous system and learning how to translate its cues and signals. Trauma can stay, trapped inside the nervous system for many years, often we don’t realise what a tight grip it can have.

This is treatment is about helping people process unprocessed trauma and shock energy. Somatic Experience is a very creative process that only requires your curiosity for your body and it’s healing potential - for the work to begin.

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Liesl D. Hinkly offers Somatic Experiencing on Thursdays and Fridays at Notting Hill.

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