Myofascial Release


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Danila Ciencia -

  • Saturday, 10.00-14.00
  • 1hr - £70
  • 90mins - £95
  • 120mins - £125
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Fascia is the connective tissue that literally holds us together forming a 3 dimensional body net.

It is entirely continuous throughout the body so a restriction in one part (postural imbalance, surgery, emotional trauma, etc) will affect the rest of the system.

In a normal state of hydration and health, fascia moves without restriction, its elasticity allowing it to go back to its original state after stretching. But when an injury is sustained fascia will quickly adjust to the new postural habits the body tissues come to hold in order to protect itself.

MFR techniques work to change the density, viscosity and tone of the fascia. Slow & deep movements and long held traction will enable Fascia to ‘melt’ and release restrictions. Yin Yoga, where the poses are held for several minutes, works in the same way: we await the moment when the muscles go from resisting to releasing.

But that’s not all there is to Fascia: “Fascia is our biggest sensory organ, our organ of awareness, our internal ocean. For me the current fascia research brings everything together with what I’ve learned through surfing, meditation and yoga.” Alexa Nehter.

Fascia is extremely rich in nerve endings and receptors, making it our most important perceptual and interoceptive organ (prioproception = the perception of your body and the space around it - interoception = the perception of your inner sense of self)

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