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Schedule & Booking

Liesl Hinkly - Notting Hill

  • Thursday, 13.00-21.30
  • Friday, 17.30-21.30
  • 70mins - £110
  • Children (Under 10 years) - £60
  • Contact our reception team on 0207 221 4602 to book an appointment

Rolfing is an original and scientifically validated system of body restructuring and movement education.

Through a process of re-education, Rolfing brings the body back into alignment with gravity. Rolfing isn’t just vigorous deep-tissue massage — a Rolfer actually wants to change the structure of your body. By creating freedom of movement and space within the structures of your body, the restricted connective tissue, muscle fibres, joints and internal fascial web are released from life-long holding patterns.

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