Beginners Follow up 4 week course


Schedule & Booking

  • Date: 22/10/2022
  • Teacher: Zhozeh Zarrindast
  • Price: £95.00

Saturdays 22nd October - 12th November

11am - 12.15pm

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Our new beginner's follow up course will be dedicated in exploring the further yoga practice, pranayama and mudras.

Each class will be 75 minutes - which is an average yoga class length. Everyone is welcome - but this course will be mainly dedicated for people who have done yoga beginners course or done only little yoga practice before. After this course, you will be able to join most of our yoga classes.

Week one: establishing importance of ujjayi breath and covering through all the foundation asanas ( surya namaskar , Vira 1 and 2 ) within a simply vinyasa format , giving students a chance to gain some personal confidence as how a general vinyasa flow class is layered and how they can find their own understanding and apply it within general class without feeling overwhelmed.

Week two: breaking down nadi shodana for all ( considering the vagus nerve) and how to apply this practice appropriately, standing balance asanas , adhra chandhrasan ( half moon ) Vira 3 and vikrasana .

Week three: three part breath ( introducing maha bandhas ) and twists .

Week four: uddiyana bandha ( all restrictions covered ) and a vinyasa flow practice covering all asanasa within the course.

Yoga terminology

Mudra means “seal,” “gesture,” or “mark.” Yoga mudras are symbolic gestures often practiced with the hands and fingers that facilitate the flow of energy in the subtle body.

Pranayama is the formal practice of controlling the breath, which is the source of our prana, or vital life force.