Breathing and Moving for Summer: Refreshing and Cooling Practices


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  • Date: 14/06/2024
  • Teacher: Laurent Roure
  • Price: £35.00

Friday 14th June

3.30pm - 5.30pm

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When the sun gets too strong and starts burning in the sky, we all crave shade and a place to cool off. Our practice can provide just that - a refuge from the scorching sun.

Escape the summer heat and find peace in our refreshing workshop.

Join Laurent for a 2-hour session to explore rejuvenating breathwork techniques and gentle movements designed to cool the body and calm the mind.

Whether you're seeking relief from the hot weather or simply longing for a moment of tranquillity, this workshop is filled with useful and simple tips and strategies, including slow breathing and moving techniques, quiet visualisations and meditation, offering a perfect mix of relaxation and revitalisation.

Embrace the summer season with a renewed sense of balance and inner peace.

Suitable for all levels, come and cool down with us.