Breathwork and Pranayama - 6 Week Course


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  • Date: 19/02/2020
  • Teacher: Laurent Roure
  • Price: £120.00

Wednesdays 19 Feb - 25 Mar, 19.15-20.45 at Notting Hill

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This breathwork and pranayama course is for everyone. It is designed for those who would like to refine and progress with their breathwork alongside their physical practice or to help with health and well-being. This course is a journey of self-development and is mainly practical.

The course is also ideal for all yoga and movement teachers who want to integrate safe pranayama and breath techniques into their classes and into their own self-practice.

In Sanskrit prana means life force or breath and yama is translated as self-restraint or control. Thus, pranayama is the study of how to control and observe our breath.

Practicing breathwork can have a hugely positive psychological, healing, therapeutic, meditative and calming influence on our body and mind. It is used to change old patterns and cultivate vitality.

Learning to balance and improve the breath helps us to balance the mind and consequently our lives.

Laurent Roure, has been practicing and studying pranayama in the style of Dr. Swami Gitananda Saraswati’s yoga system for many years. He is an advocate for the Gitananda system due to its strong emphasis on physical therapeutics. Laurent’s approach to pranayama also utilises breathing techniques from outside the traditional yogic system and seamlessly embeds them into his practice and teaching. Laurent’s approach is thus finely tuned to be relevant and applicable to our twenty-first century lives.

What will you study during the course?

  • The anatomy of breath
  • Techniques for warming-up. Asanas, movement for breathwork etc
  • The mechanics of breath and how to connect with it
  • Rhythm and equalising of breath
  • Holistic and energetic development of breath
  • The purifying and warming breaths: Bhastrika & kapalbhati
  • The cooling breaths: Sitali and Sitkari
  • The balancing and calming breaths: Nadi shodana, ujjayi and bhramari
  • The breath for everyday life
  • The breath for meditation and relaxation

The benefits of breathwork and pranayama techniques:

  • Indispensable tools that help us build a safe and strong physical practice
  • To develop body awareness, concentration, mindfulness, focus, and stamina
  • Decreases feelings of stress and tension
  • Soothes the nervous system
  • Aids muscle relaxation and pain management
  • Helps oxidize the blood and the respiratory system
  • Slows down the heart rate
  • Lowers and stabilizes blood pressure
  • Reduces anxiety and depression
  • Increases energy levels
  • Helps fight against insomnia and sleeping disorders


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