Breathwork and Pranayama to support Good Health and Happy Life


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  • Date: 07/02/2023
  • Teacher: Laurent Roure
  • Price: £100.00

Tuesdays 7th - 28th February

6.15pm - 7.15pm

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Breath is precious and links us to a happy and healthy life. But research has found that we are not always breathing correctly, creating wrong patterns, and getting used to them without realising that they can be harmful. It is called dysfunctional breathing.

For example, a common way to breathe nowadays is shallow breathing. This breathing is continuously used in the upper region of our thorax and lungs. When we do not breathe with the total capacity of our lungs, we breathe rapidly through the mouth, creating hyperventilation which builds tension in the upper torso and diaphragmatic dysfunction. This breathing pattern is linked to severe physical and psychological disruptions and restrictions.

All dysfunctional breathing can cause many issues, such as stress and anxiety, cardiovascular, digestive and immune problems, chronic pain, muscular and connective tissue restrictions etc. Not learning to breathe correctly is affecting our health and well-being.

So, what can we do? How can breathwork and pranayama help in our daily life?

Breathing correctly is hugely important as it is therapeutic in all senses of the word. It enhances our mental and physical well-being by supporting all our functions: the heart, immunity, hormonal and nervous systems, blood circulation, digestive and excretive functions, the brain etc. It also supports healing journeys from long-term illnesses or other chronic ailments- it keeps us calm in challenging times.

Breathwork and pranayama practices are a huge part of a holistic journey that will help us establish good general health and vitality and support our psychological and mental well-being next to other healing therapies and methods.

During this 4-week course, you will learn simple breathwork tools to help us reconnect to healthy breathing patterns and a fuller and deeper breath to allow our bodily functions and systems to work well. Those sessions aim to raise awareness of the benefits of breathing well, safely and efficiently. These sessions will teach you how to develop and learn new skills. You will then be able to use them at any time and anywhere during your daily life.

Who can attend this course? Here is a list of conditions that breathwork can help with:

• Stress and anxiety relief– regulation of the nervous system and finding calm.

• Support breathlessness for anyone with respiratory restrictions such as COPD, asthma, long COVID etc.

• Support breathlessness caused by illnesses such as cancer, diabetes or cardiovascular issues.

• Boost the immune and lymphatic systems and help navigate.

• Fight and help insomnia and fatigue

The Content of the Course. Here is a glimpse of what will be covered:

• Learning to connect with the breath and discover breathing patterns.

• Learn bodywork for better breathing.

• Exploring the lungs.

• Learning sectional breathing in the lungs and deep breathing.

• Learning Diaphragmatic breathing – our default breathing.

• Expansive techniques to equalise and balance the breath – rhythmic breathing.

• Coherent breathing and other techniques to find calm and balance.

• Breathwork to boost the immune system.

• Simple deep relaxation techniques with the breath to find calm and peace.

You will receive handouts and support from Laurent to build regular self-practice.

Laurent Roure is a senior teacher in London specialising in breathwork, pranayama, somatics and restorative practices. The content of this course is based on Laurent's experience of many years teaching a range of private clients and students. Some techniques are rooted in the classical yogic tradition of Pranayama but also from more contemporary techniques discovered and developed by Laurent in his training, public and online events and classes.