Free Online Webinar: What is Functional Medicine and What is its Role in Precision Health Optimisation and Prevention?

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  • Date: 23/04/2024
  • Teacher: Mirthe Eckl
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Tuesday 23rd April

6.30 - 7.30 pm


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Taking responsibility for your health has never been more prevalent, with direct to consumer blood testing and all sorts of health advice on the internet. You know you should be eating your greens, getting more sleep, reduce stress, and exercise more, supplement with vitamin D during winter, and may even be experimenting with infrared saunas, ice baths and breathwork.

But how do you know you are giving your body what it needs?

We have partnered up with Precision Health and Functional Medicine practitioner Mirthe Eckl to take the guesswork out of health optimisation for you - with a lab testing and science based approach.

Have you been struggling with niggly health symptoms such as bloating, eczema, hair loss, that layer of belly fat that won’t budge, loss of libido, PMS, achy joints - the list can go on - but haven’t been able to work it out?

Or do you have a family history of certain illnesses like autoimmune, cancers, cardiovascular, Alzheimer’s, and are worried you may be heading in that direction too?

Perhaps you simply want to be proactive about your health and be able to make educated choices on how best to eat, move, sleep and live to prevent running into trouble down the line, but are overwhelmed with all the information out there? You aren’t quite sure which advice is legit, and how and where to get started?

In this educational workshop, Mirthe will talk you through the basic biology of what makes up good health and longevity, vs chronic illness and ageing, including (epi-)genetics, inflammation, gut health, and more.

She will explain the difference between normal vs optimal blood test reference ranges, and why having results come back as ‘ok’ may not be what you are looking for if you would like to optimise your health, performance and wellbeing, and prevent decline and illness.

You will further learn how subtle yet targeted dietary, lifestyle (and sometimes supplemental) choices can make a big difference when it comes to your cellular health and ageing, and the role of specialised lab testing for underlying triggers of ill health, predictive biomarker and DNA testing to live your best life.

To book a one-on-one Functional Medicine consultation with Mirthe to make your health strategy more bespoke please visit:

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