Harness the power and preparation for the new moon: GongBath & Chanting


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  • Date: 09/11/2023
  • Teacher: Siri Sadhana Kaur
  • Price: £28.00

Thursday 9th November

7.45pm - 9pm

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As we approach the new moon it naturally takes us into a retrospective place, with awareness we can harness this potent power. As the moon and earths gravitational pull effect our oceans, so it effects the waters and rhythms of our body. Just as we experience the rhythm of each ebb and flow, rise and fall of a tide, it's like the beat of the oceans heart.

Within a gong bath we surrender energetically and start to ride with the rhythms and sounds gaining a sensitivity to the inner motion and flow of prana.

Our parasympathetic nervous system and the delta and theta brain waves become activated creating a profound sense of relaxation. Our brains and bodies start to de stress enabling a sense of calm, ease and stillness that optimizes our wellbeing.

Siri Sadhana starts the session tuning in with mantra, then warming up the body to prepare for the deepening of the gong experience, participants then come to Shiv asana (relaxing pose) allowing the sounds to wash completely over the body, heart and mind, then we complete the session with chanting to live music and meditation.