Improving health with Somatic exercises: Relieving the Tension in Shoulders, Neck & Low Back Pain


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  • Date: 02/10/2022
  • Teacher: Laurent Roure
  • Price: £40.00

Sunday 2nd October

1pm - 4pm

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This 3-hour workshop is designed to enhance and improve health and well-being with Somatic exercises. During this workshop, Laurent wants to offer simple, easy, and gentle exercises for all ages, abilities, and health conditions.

So, what is Somatic exercising?

Would you like to eliminate the ongoing tension, aches, and discomfort in your shoulders and neck?

Would you like to soothe the low back tension and pain?

Somatic exercising is a simple, accessible, and relaxing way to improve our health and well-being. These set of exercises increase overall flexibility and suppleness within our joints; increase fluidity in our connective and muscle tissues and improve our respiratory and nervous systems, as well as all other functions.

How does it work?

Chronic pain and other autoimmune conditions come from the lack of connection and the loss of ‘sensory-motor skills.’, a disconnection with the body. Somatic techniques use repetitive and healing movements in a gentle and simple form of exercises to rewire and reconnect the brain with the body. Through those rhythmic and small moving repetitions, the brain and the nervous system learn how to let go of restricted and tense parts of the body – this process is called ‘sensory-motor learning.’

We can regain our ‘sensory-motor skills and improve ‘sensory-motor learning’ by stimulating and using our brain’s natural process, increasing self-awareness with these light, rejuvenating and restorative somatic exercises. One of the most important outcomes of this practice is that it reduces our stress level: less tension and pain in the body, less stress, and consequently, less stress, equal to less tension and pain in the body.

How to prepare:

During this workshop, Laurent will guide you through simple movements on a chair and lying down on a yoga mat or a blanket. Wear loose and warm clothing.

This workshop is limited for 12 students max.