Introduction to Crystals - learn how and when to use your crystals


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  • Date: 09/06/2024
  • Teacher: Natasha Longman
  • Price: £30.00

Sunday 9th June

1pm - 3pm

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Your chakra balance plays a key part in alignment and overall wellbeing every day. Through crystals, grounding, meditation, numerology, life path numbers and incorporating your power colours into your everyday, we really can change our energy. Crystals are part of Mother Gaia and have been around since earth was created, so it is important that we learn to work with these beautiful tools correctly and incorporate them into our daily life.

In this workshop, you will be provided with a full set of crystals to work with (these can be purchased after should you wish). Natasha will run through each crystal, with an activation, meditation, and connecting the crystal to your chakras and aura field. We will learn how to use each crystal and why and how we can get the best out of them (instead of them just collecting dust on our shelves!).

The key part of the workshop is learning how to use them when you are feeling unbalanced, out of character, and how to re-program to vibrate on a higher frequency. Everyone should have a crystal tool set and knowledge how to use and tune them into your aura field. Once you unlock these skills, you can use this method any time you feel you require a tune up to feel alive and aligned once again.

I am looking forward to sharing this special knowledge and meeting you all.


Natasha is a crystal healer and reiki master for 15 years and has worked with crystals since the age of 7. Being born into a spiritual family, she has learnt many things from a young age and was lucky enough to have an amazing mother, who was a great teacher. Her mission is to help others realign and self-heal. She believes that behind every illness is an unhealed trauma and a misalignment of some sort.

Natasha is a Reiki Teacher & Crystal spiritual healer/coach. Practising Reiki for over 14 years and a love of crystals. Combining these powerful tools, creating a unique energy healing experience. I have created many crystal sessions over the years and they are available on our website from basic lessons on how to use them to crystal energy tune up and healing with crystals.