Kundalini & Somatics - 4 week course


Schedule & Booking

  • Date: 10/04/2024
  • Teacher: Sat Guru (Cheryl Baker)
  • Price: £100.00

Wednesdays 10th April - 1st May

7.15pm - 8.30pm

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Diving deeper into somatic healing with kundalini yoga and meditation.

Healing trauma with somatic experiencing - breath - kundalini

We will practice mindfulness, self-reflection and self compassion as we address our emotional needs, rather than relying on external sources for validation. Trauma isn’t the events that happened to you but how you experienced those events in the body - mind - spirit. By reconnecting with yourself - by restoring the connection with your body, primarily - and with the emotions that you lost.

I have experienced deep transformative healing shifts with these 3 modalities

Kundalini Yoga - Somatic Experiencing - Breath Work. Kundalini restores and revitalises your nervous system, circulation and energy channels (nadis), pranayama activates the Ajna (for intuition and clarity/peace of mind) whereas somatic helps you to become more embodied in the physical temple of the body, activate the felt sense so you can experience more of life. All three of these modalities are powerful in bringing one back to life, coming out of “frozenness/numbness”, sparking up creativity and passion and increasing a sense of identity and self love that comes with that.

We would really encourage you to commit to all 4 sessions, as the work is progressive and you will only see FULL results with a commitment to all 4 modules.

Healing Course for Opening Heart & Boundary Work

Kundalini Yoga & Somatic Embodiment & Meditation & Pranayama

MODULE 1 - Kundalini & Breath

Kundalini Kriya for opening heart & emotional healing meditation

MODULE 2 - Somatic Experiencing techniques for boundary work

Experiencing safety in the body through somatic techniques

MODULE 3 - Kundalini Pranayama & Aura Kundalini Kriya for Somatic Safety

Deepening sense of self with kundalini kriya for setting internal boundaries, sense of self and containment, pranayama for deepening sense of identity

MODULE 4 - Kundalini healing & somatic practice

Kundalini pranayama for activating healing energy / cleansing prana for healing without losing boundary & sense of self

Practice work in partners using somatic experiencing techniques of grounding, resource, titration, pendulation.