New Year's Gong Bath with Leo Cosendai


Schedule & Booking

  • Date: 03/01/2020
  • Teacher: Leo Cosendai
  • Price: £22.00

19.30-21.00 at Islington

Book by 27 December for a £2 earlybird discount

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Clear out the old and make room for the new with Leo Cosendai's much-loved Gong Bath! Tired from 2019? Or from New Year's eve? Then join us for an evening of calming relaxation and rejuvenation.

Allow the powerful sound frequencies and energies produced by the gong to remove the stresses of last year from the cells of our body and create balance between the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system, the right and left hemispheres of the brain as well as in the meridians and chakras. The gong will produce a blissful state of meditation so you can unwind, restore your body and mind and step into 2020 grounded and centred, with energy and intention.

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