Somatic Breath Workshop: the power of embodiment through the breath to breakthrough trauma


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  • Date: 18/02/2023
  • Teacher: Satguru
  • Price: £35.00

Saturday 18th February

3.30pm - 6pm

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Using consciously connected breath, somatic techniques and yogic pranayama, guided with music, softness and subtle somatic "holding" touches we ask the mind and body to release old traumas and stories that block the pathways internal and external to living your destiny and owning self empowerment.

This is a restorative breathwork experience designed to soothe mental tension and relieve stress in the body. This grounding workshop focuses on softening the breath, bringing your awareness to the deeper layers within, using meditative Pranayama techniques. Slowing down and harmonising the breath creates energetic balance, mental clarity and a deeply embodied state of relaxation. This soothing breathing method is equally powerful, although much more subtle than activating breathing techniques. Good for: regulating yourself during a turbulent time and for regular stress management. You will leave feeling: in a state of deep calm, inner peace and connection.