Somatic Healing - with Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, Consciously Connected Breath & Somatic Healing/Holding Touch Work


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  • Date: 10/01/2024
  • Teacher: Sat Guru (Cheryl Baker)
  • Price: £100.00

Wednesdays 10th - 31st January

7.15pm - 8.30pm

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Somatic Experiencing® (SE) is a body-based approach to healing trauma, developed by Peter Levine, PhD.. SE focuses on supporting optimal functioning of the nervous system given the primary importance this system plays in the maintenance and resolution of traumatic symptoms. Resourcing, Pendulation, and Titration are three methods used in SE to guide the the nervous system towards increased equilibrium. This is a brief introduction to these methods to give you an idea of somatic principles that I integrate into therapeutic work.

Somatic resources are tools and practices that engage the body and work directly with the nervous system. They include, broadly - breath, movement and awareness.

Module 1 - Cultivate Somatic Awareness & Grounding

  • Somatic Grounding & Building the container
  • Cultivate body awareness in & around the body
  • Identifying areas of tension and areas of constriction, as well as thoughts, feelings and behaviours that promote a feeling of calm and safety, and bring these to conscious awareness
  • Soft Kundalini Grounding Kriya
  • Grounding Exercises
  • The Container
  • Building Trust & Safety

Module 2 - Resourcing Inner & Outer

Resourcing is the practice of inviting our mind/body to attune to sensations of safety or goodness, however small they may be. The process of attending to a felt sense of “okayness,” begins the process of teaching our nervous system that it can experience stress, and then come back to a state of calm.

For many, the resourcing process is a “corrective emotional experience” which in itself helps to reverse the impact of traumatic experience. Furthermore, if needed, these resources can be integrated into the EMDR processing phase in the future to help renegotiate traumatic memories and images.

Experiencing expansion through pendulation exercises

What are your resources?

Positive Mind Projections & meditation to manifest

Consciously Connected Breath to break through any negative mind blocks so you can manifest your destiny.

Module 3 - Body-Mind Centering through Resourcing, Pendulation, and Titration

Somatic self regulation techniques for para sympathetic nervous system & sympathetic

Mind-Body Centering is an approach to well-being based on the deep development of our psychophysical capacities, integrating work with the body, movement and consciousness. Somatic approaches are used to engage the relationship between mind, body, brain, and behavior.

Module 4 - Co-Regulation & Self Regulation

Co-regulation refers to the way we calm ourselves down when we are connecting to someone else. Self Regulation is when we develop our own tools to calm ourselves down on our own. We all need a combination of both; soothing we get from others as well as our own abilities to self regulate when needed. Self regulation tools are taught to help you move through big emotions, and co-regulation techniques are used as well, in the therapy room, as well as teaching you how to utilize close relationships to help you regulate.

Living a regulated life is one of the biggest accomplishments, because when we are regulated we are able to live more deeply, love more fully and experience the sweetness of daily pleasures.