Sound Bath - Gong & Crystal Bowls


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  • Date: 14/12/2023
  • Teacher: Martina Saorin
  • Price: £28.00

Thursday 14th December

7.45pm - 9pm

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Treat yourself to a relaxing and nourishing sound journey that will enable you to turn off your thinking mind and drop into a more meditative, calming space. You will be "bathed' in sound waves, which can bring the brainwaves to a lower frequency, an extremely beneficial state for physical and emotional wellbeing.

A Sound Bath will connect you deeply to the sounds found in nature.

Every day we are exposed to environmental noise and interference that can affect our equilibrium.

If you haven't yet experienced the healing effects of sound on your mind and body we can't recommend it highly enough.

Sound Meditations may assist you to:

> Reduce stress

> Stimulate your glandular system to clear

> Release emotional blockages

> Supply nutrients to the nervous system

> Enable learning and productivity

> Raise your vibratory frequency for greater calm and inner peace

> Relieve physical, mental and emotional pain symptoms

> Enhance sleep and relaxation

The complex overtones and smooth flow of sounds from the gongs or singing bowls entrain our brainwaves from the beta state (normal waking consciousness) into the lower alpha and theta states (where the mind is relaxed and can restore). Spending time in the alpha and theta states has been proven to reduce stress improve blood pressure, and stimulate creativity, memory, focus and support an overall peaceful mood.

This happens whether you are enjoying a gong bath virtually or in person because of the unique effect sound has on the mind and body.

“The soul always knows what to do to heal itself The challenge is to silence the mind.”

- Caroline Myss