Summer Prana Mandala Flow Immersion


Schedule & Booking

  • Date: 11/07/2022
  • Teacher: Shiva Rea
  • Price: £400.00
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Event Description

Prana Mandala Flow is a roots and evolution exploration of moving meditation as a way of life. Embody this circular power through creative vinyasa as movement meditation. Connect your practice with your health and learn to apply movement alchemy to the cycles of daily life through integration of soulful wellness practices.

Mandala comes from the sanskrit root, “manda” which means essence plus “la” as a vessel or container. In our immersion, we will embody the mandala as our very body, home, community, earth body, cosmic rhythm.

Prana Mandala Flows stimulates and integrates new neural pathways, balance, fluidity, creativity, strength & flow with a 360 degree perspective.

Important Booking Information!

You can book the full four day immersion OR Purchase ALL mornings or ALL afternoons:

Morning Sessions run 09:00 to 12:00 each day: Solar Path Immersion + Life-Navigation-Meditations (£205 for all four mornings)

Afternoon Sessions run 15:45 to 17:30 each day (includes teacher labs): Lunar Path Immersion + Life-Navigation-Meditations (£105 for all four afternoons)

Trance Dance exploration special evening event Tuesday 15th July (please book separately), runs from 19:30 to 22:00

Mandala Vinyasa: Morning and Afternoon Practices will explore;

Mandala Vinyasa – Morning / Afternoon Practices will explore;

For Solar Mornings:

  • Introduction to Prana Mandala Vinyasa
  • Five Prana Mandala Namaskars and Sequences – Earth Body Mandala, Chandra Mandala, Surya Mandala, Heart Mandala, Elemental Mandala Flow
  • Half-Mandala Flows - Prana “Ardha-Mandala Flow”.
  • Five Solar Mandala Flows for Activation and Sacred Training
  • Roots-Rise – Prostrations in a Mandala

For Lunar Afternoons:

  • Introduction to Prana Mandala Vinyasa
  • Prana Mandala Namaskars and Sequences
  • Lunar Prana Mandala Flows for Rejuvenation and Meditation
  • Roots-Rise – Prostrations in a Mandala

Prana Mandala Teacher Transmission Labs will explore;

  • Cross-cultural understanding of “Body Mandala”
  • Intro to Prana Flow Sequencing + Namaskars
  • Learn the solar-lunar movement alchemy principles and achieving balance for all
  • Life Navigation - Soulful Wellness Daily Reflection + Life-Practices
  • Vastu Mandala – Vedic Mandala of 10 directions

Teacher Labs run every afternoon from 13.30 to 15.30. If you wish to book the labs please select either FULL immersion or ALL afternoons at checkout.

Who is this for?

Prana Mandala Flow – Movement Meditation for Life is our offering for practitioners, yoga teachers and professionals from all fields. Explore practicing and learning circular flow with Shiva for full-spectrum embodiment and vital living.

What is Prana Flow as taught by Shiva Rea?

Shiva is the founder of Prana Flow, creative catalyst, lover of life and explorer. Prana Flow connects you to the healing force of nature as the elements within your own body and the power to heal, balance, transform and renew

Each practice follows one of the five elements offering a creative diversity to the flow of your day. Each series is an immersion into each element through movement meditation from opening mudra vinyasa, prana flow namaskars from classical roots through the elements, creative, intelligent sequencing of asanas, breath flow, meditative awareness, body mudra and ecstatic release into full relaxation