The Human Method with Nahid de Belgeonne


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  • Date: 19/04/2020
  • Teacher: Nahid de Belgeonne
  • Price: £30.00

14.00-16.00 at Notting Hill

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Somatics is “the body experienced from within”. It could be described as the art of interoception, the sensing of the state of internal body. Over-efforting in our daily lives is exhausting. This method wakes up the brain and makes you more conscious of how you do things and the effort that you use to do them.

When we tune into our sensed self, the breath flows more easily allowing the mind to get quieter and the muscles can rest in their resting state.

We will explore Somatic movements to free up the head, neck, shoulders, ribs, spine and diaphragm to cultivate awareness in these areas of the body that don’t often get their due attention.

We will then take this into a creative slow flow leading from the heart to enjoy the space you have created. The workshop ends with restorative and yoga nidra, also known as yogic sleep, to leave you feeling calm and grounded.

This workshop is great for anyone who want to learn how to slow down the whirring of a busy mind and release a tight and tense body.