The Muffin Top, Hormone Health & Anti-Ageing - 4 week ONLINE course


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  • Date: 19/04/2023
  • Teacher: Mirthe Eckl
  • Price: £90.00

Wednesdays 19th April - 10th May

12.30pm - 1.30pm

The sessions will be livestream and recorded.

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Have you been struggling with that stubborn layer of fat around the midline that won't budge?

Have you been having hormonal trouble such as PMS, acne, bloating, irritability, hair loss, fibroids, or other issues such as achy joints, brain fog, fatigue, digestive issues, feeling like you are constantly running from one thing to the next, anxious and stressed out?

Are you worried it is all just downhill from here on out?

Did you know that that 'muffin top', hair loss, brittle nails and recurring UTI’s are not just a concern of vanity or discomfort, but that their underlying causes have been associated with nutrient deficiencies, hormone problems, ageing, and all sorts of other more serious health problems (such as autoimmune, cardiovascular, Alzheimer's, anxiety, arthritis, even all the way to cancers, and more), if they persist for too long.

Join Functional Medicine & Precision Health Practitioner Mirthe for a series of presentations where she will explain how to balance your hormones, stress response, reduce inflammation and cellular ageing, while finally getting rid of more ‘vain’ concerns such as that layer of belly fat, cellulite, hair loss and more - for good.

Science backed health optimisation, that will remove triggers for bingeing, hormonal havoc & bloating, rather than another overly restrictive & fad diet and wagon to fall off.

PLUS Group Q&A sessions to all your pressing questions

During 4 week course you will learn...

How stubborn belly fat is linked to stress, inflammation, hormone problems, age related decline

to make targeted adjustments to your diet & lifestyle, including when and what to eat to support your hormones & metabolism, simple stress management technique, and more

to use targeted lab testing to make your healthy living efforts more bespoke to you (such as hormones, food intolerances, inflammation and more)

The Course Content

Week 1 Learn why that muffin top is not just a concern of vanity, but how (excess) belly fat is linked to hormone problems, ageing, and all sorts of other more serious health problems (such as autoimmune, cardiovascular, Alzheimer's, anxiety, arthritis, even all the way to cancers, and more), if it persists for too long. We will also touch upon other body shapes and ‘vain concerns’ like hair loss, brittle nails, all the way to concerns such as recurring UTI’s, PCOS, PMS, and more.
Learn how to make targeted tweaks to your diet, including when and what to eat to get a head start to this 4 weeks reset.

Week 2 Learn how underlying trigger such as blood sugar and stress levels, inflammation, gut health, chronic infections, nutrient imbalances, heavy metals and other pollutants affect our metabolic, hormonal and overall health.
We will also go into more detail on how to put your plate together for different concerns and focal areas such as hormonal, immune system, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-ageing and other support, including how to and how not to implement ‘trends’ like intermittent fasting, keto, carb cycling.
We will also touch upon which tests/ health checks and home tracking tools may be recommended (and where to get them) if you wanted to be more precise within your approach.*

Week 3
A deeper dive into how stress affects your belly fat, metabolism, inflammatory markers and more. Plus - some simple stress management tools and techniques to implement.
Learn further how sleep/ our circadian rhythm, exercise, lymphatic drainage and social connectedness affect that muffin top, cellulite, hormone health and overall health optimisation efforts, and best ways to implement them for maximum effects (with the least time commitment)

Week 4
We will address different hormone concerns and how to adjust diet, lifestyle and supplements to support each of them in more detail. We will also discuss how to make sense of your lab results.
Learn how to keep things up long term and how to apply a 80/20 approach, how to 'cheat' without guilt and 'live a little' as part of a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle, without it meaning you are 'falling off the wagon'.
*Bespoke testing (optional/ cost not included): If you decide to do some testing for a more precise and bespoke approach, such as for food intolerances, hormones, inflammation, nutrient status, etc, these can either be done at your GP (partially) or organised with private lab companies via Mirthe.

More information on the presenter and topics covered on Instagram @mirthe_precisionhealth
Or book a one-on-one Functional Medicine consultation with Mirthe to make your health strategy more bespoke