Whats is Love? - Kundalini Yoga Workshop

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Schedule & Booking

  • Date: 26/02/2023
  • Teacher: Ludmila Livdharam
  • Price: £45.00

Sunday 26th February

1pm - 4pm

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We all asked ourselves this question once in our life. For many Love is a beautiful fantasy, an ethereal feeling, rather than an underlying principle of All. So, would you like to learn what ancient wisdom and yogi considered as Love?

This workshop is a range of Kundalini yoga practices and meditations to deeply reflect on what Love is about, how to feel in your body, sense it with your heart and experience it with your entire being. This heart warming session will help you to connect more profoundly with what Love is and how to be happy in Love. It will conclude with the long immersive Sound Bath which will literally soak your body and soul in the universal Love. Please come with your mind and heart open.