Women's Circle: Cacao, Womb healing & Yin yoga


Schedule & Booking

  • Date: 18/07/2024
  • Teacher: Sandrine Giacobino
  • Price: £28.00

Thursday 18th July

7.30pm - 9pm

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Join us for this yin ceremony which we will start by connecting with mama cacao, setting our intentions and letting her magic work through us with the rite of the womb. After having received the blessing and offered our prayers to ourselves and Mother Earth we will dive into a meditative yin practise that will help us connect with our pelvis and womb even more. We will close with a sharing circle, chocolate (!) and guidance on how to nurture the rite and share it.

Each participant is asked to bring a personal object that will be put in the central altar during the time of the ceremony and to wear clothes that are practical for yin practice but also which represent your feminine essence.