New Client Introductory Offer


Our New Client Introductory Offer gives you 30 classes over the 30 consecutive calendar days in studio classes or online classes so you get the full Life Centre experience.

*For new clients only. Valid for 30 consecutive calendar days from date of your first class. This offer has to be redeemed within 25 days of purchase and cannot be extended. This offer is not valid for baby massage and mum&baby classes.

New Client Introductory Offer £55

30 yoga & pilates classes over 30 calendar days

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Why practice with The Life Centre online?

As one of London's most longstanding yoga studios, our live-streamed online classes bring you the best teachers, a diverse range of styles and a sense of community direct to your home. Rated the best online livestreaming yoga studio by the Independent, we strive to recreate the in-studio experience as much as possible.

Our class schedule offers everything from dynamic yoga classes such as Ashtanga Yoga, Jivamukti and Vinyasa Flow, as well as practices to offer you the chance for stillness and reflection such as Yin Yoga, Restorative and breathing practices. We also offer a range of community focusedclasses for Kids, Teens, pregnancy and more so that you can feel supported during this uncertain time.

This online platform is fun and engaging as I could follow and interact with my favourite teachers instantly. Also it is at the convenience and comfort of my own home

How to access our online classes

We stream our classes live through Zoom. In order to access the classes you will first need to download the Zoom app to your device. To view on a mobile device, download the Zoom app from the Apple App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).

Please book your classes as normal through our online schedule or mobile app. Once you've booked, you will receive a confirmation email containing the Zoom link to join the class. In order to receive this you will need to opt in to receive Schedule Updates in your communication preferences when you log into your account.

Tips for getting the best out of your class

Practicing at home may come with more distractions, so we recommend that you set the space before starting a class. Gather any props and support you may need, set your mobile phone aside, light a candle or some incense and carve out the time and space for yourself.

If you like to practice to music then our teachers may offer their suggested playlist, or alternatively you can have your own music playing.

During the Class

When you join a class you will be greeted by a member of The Life Centre team who will be on hand throughout the class should you have any technical difficulties. Should you need their assistance you can use the Zoom chat function to communicate with them.

When you join the class, you will be automatically muted. You have the option to share your video so that the teacher and other students can see you. This is completely optional, but we have found it does make for a better experience.

After the class ends you have the option to unmute yourself and chat with the teacher and other students should you wish.

I have never attended so many classes in a week – it’s so easy to begin the day with a dynamic flowing class, add in some Pilates around mid-day, and finish off with a Yin in the evening - and all from my very own living room. My practice has progressed and I feel connected to my teachers and my Life Centre friends.