Accessible Yoga for Beginners


What will you get out of this course?

Gain confidence in making yoga a healthy, low-impact movement part of your daily life.

Who is this course for?

‘Every body’ - anyone who wants to move better and feel more comfortable in their own body – especially older people who may struggle to get up or down to a yoga mat on the floor, or those with medical conditions.

Course Structure

6 classes (45 minutes long) over 6 weeks

Classes will each have a different breath and movement focus, build on previous classes & finish with a guided relaxation or simple meditation

  • Class 1: Demystifying yoga, breath awareness, learning some joint freeing movements, guided relaxation
  • Class 2: Continuing with breath awareness (focus on the four part breath), learning forward bends (sitting or standing and using the chair as a prop) and gentle backbends for a healthy spine, guided relaxation
  • Class 3: Learning even count breathing, introducing twists and lateral stretches (for spine and digestive health), guided relaxation
  • Class 4: Using the breath as a tool for settling the mind, freeing the hips and pelvis, simple meditation (on the breath)
  • Class 5: Alternate side breathing (like alternate nostril), releasing tension in the neck and shoulders, simple meditation on the breath
  • Class 6: Fun breathing practices – lions breath, bee breath. Learning a seated sun salutation & recapping on movements for spine, hips and shoulders, guided relaxation

Expected Outcomes for Students

  • Being able to breathe more deeply and effectively, and having the ability to use the breath as a simple tool to bring a sense of balance and calm anxiety
  • Learning to move the body with awareness, while respecting our limitations:
    • Joint freeing movements to help keep the body mobile
    • Keeping the spine supple, healthy and pain free
    • Moving the hip joints, increasing our comfortable range of movement and so allowing us to walk (and dance!) more easily
    • Mobilising the shoulders and neck, letting go of tension and relieving pain
  • Learning simple relaxation techniques that we can call upon whenever we feel stressed
  • Planting the idea that yoga is helpful, enjoyable, and worth continuing with