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Browse all upcoming workshops and courses below and book online or email if you have questions.


5Rhythms - Dance Your Way into Summer

5Rhythms is a way of reconnecting to the body through movement, meditative awareness, and dance - and for the first time this practice will be available this March at The Life Centre!

Workshop date: 25th June 2022 - 7:00pm
Workshop cost: £25.00
Ajay Rajani

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TRE - introduction workshop

TRE® (Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises) unravels chronic patterns of stress and tension stored in the muscles, and discharges stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol, by activating the body’s natural ability to shake.

Workshop date: 26th June 2022 - 2:00pm
Workshop cost: £30.00
Mieke Kreeftenberg

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Children's Yoga Masterclass

Combining children’s yoga, high energy games, imagination, singing, dancing and a lot of silliness. While parents can attend the class at the same time - breathwork & meditation

Workshop date: 2nd July 2022 - 11:00am
Workshop cost: £20.00
Moon Saker

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Mindfulness Techniques to Decrease Stress & Anxiety

Mindfulness is a tool that helps us be present in the moment and to observe and explore the different facets of ourselves - it can increase our awareness of patterns that are harmful to us so that we can take action to change them.

Workshop date: 2nd July 2022 - 2:00pm
Workshop cost: £35.00
Laurent Roure

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Somatic Kundalini Emotional Healing - Deepening our Connection to Self

We will practice Kundalini rebirth kriya, breathwork & deep meditation to allow, contain, feel and move the trauma energy through the nervous system mind-body connection to revitalise and centralise our sense of purpose and recognise/anchor in our essence.

Workshop date: 3rd July 2022 - 1:00pm
Workshop cost: £35.00

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Embodying Abundance - a Women's Midsummer Circle

Summer is the celebration of the Earth's abundance and incredible bounty. Join our circle of women to help find new pathways to abundance, safety and deep connection to Source. Tending to our nervous systems is essential for this work to allow us to heal the parts of us that are stuck in a trauma response allowing the whole story around money and wealth to radically transform.

Workshop date: 3rd July 2022 - 2:00pm
Workshop cost: £35.00
Erika Tourell

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Chakra Yoga: Healing and Transformation through working with the Chakras

This course is 100% pre recorded, which offers the benefit of completing coursework in your own time, to your own schedule. Around 2 hours self study per week is recommended for following along. Each module is released on a week by week basis.

Workshop date: 5th July 2022
Workshop cost: £160.00
Katrina Repka

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Rhythm and Prana Flow: The Art of Free-form Movement

Enjoy your embodied journey into the power and positive benefits of dance, meditation and free-form, rhythmic movement with global Vinyasa teacher Shiva Rea.

Workshop date: 9th July 2022 - 9:30am
Workshop cost: £220.00
Shiva Rea

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Summer Prana Mandala Flow Immersion

Enjoy your embodied journey into the power and positive benefits of dance, meditation and free-form, rhythmic movement with global Vinyasa teacher Shiva Rea.

Workshop date: 11th July 2022 - 9:00am
Workshop cost: £400.00
Shiva Rea

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Dance of Life – Life Navigation through Movement Meditation

Join global Vinyasa teacher Shiva Rea in exploring the “Art of Free-form Movement” – meditative breath driven movement to liberate one’s creative life force and cultivate embodied freedom.

Workshop date: 12th July 2022 - 7:30pm
Workshop cost: £42.00
Shiva Rea

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Gong bath

In a gong bath the body is literally 'bathed in sound', promoting a deep sense of well being and inner peace. The sound of the gong has the effect of timelessness – and of de-materialisation.

Workshop date: 14th July 2022 - 7:45pm
Workshop cost: £25.00
Charlie Merton

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Summer Gong Bath: live music, chanting mantra & meditation

Join Siri and the healing properties of the gong, sacred sound, live music chanting mantra and meditation, to expand your heart and spirit. Through surrendering to the vibration of the Gong and selected sacred mantras, we will lift our hearts toward the infinite, bringing freedom and flexibility and supporting our authentic healing process.

Workshop date: 21st July 2022 - 7:30pm
Workshop cost: £25.00
Siri Sadhana Kaur

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Creating Your Reality with the Law of Attraction and Meditation

This powerful and informative event will share practical methods for creating your ideal life, moving beyond any hindering beliefs and increasing well-being. The event draws on teachings from the Law of Attraction, meditation and related spiritual disciplines.

Workshop date: 24th July 2022 - 1:00pm
Workshop cost: £40.00
Tracy Friend

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Summer Celebration: cacao, yin & gong bath

Join us for an evening during which we come together with the medicine of sacred cacao, yin and gongs. This is now the high Summer and the union of Sun and Earth has produced the first harvest.

Workshop date: 28th July 2022 - 7:30pm
Workshop cost: £28.00
Sandrine Giacobino, Charlie Merton

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Hanumanasana - Splits yoga masterclass

Is lower body flexibility a challenge for you? One of the best ways to improve your leg and hip flexibility is to train for the good-old-fashioned splits. Join Marcia Sharp for a Hanumanasana (Front) and Samkonasana (Middle/Straddle) Splits blitz!

Workshop date: 4th August 2022 - 7:30pm
Workshop cost: £25.00
Marcia Sharp

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Women's Circle: Cacao, Womb healing & Yin yoga

Join us for this yin ceremony which we will start by connecting with mama cacao, setting our intentions and letting her magic work through us with the rite of the womb.

Workshop date: 5th August 2022 - 6:00pm
Workshop cost: £30.00
Sandrine Giacobino

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Tibetan Singing Bowls Soundbath & Mantra Meditation

Drift into the magical world of nature as you are showered with the sounds of the Rainstick, Shamanic drum and bells. The only side effect is happiness and harmony!

Workshop date: 18th August 2022 - 7:45pm
Workshop cost: £25.00
Anne Malone

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The Law of Attraction and Love Relationships

Whether you are wanting to allow a partner into your life or to positively transform your current relationship – this empowering and interactive workshop will offer inspiration and insight to help you awaken to new possibilities.

Workshop date: 21st August 2022 - 1:00pm
Workshop cost: £40.00
Tracy Friend

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Beginners Yoga Course on Tuesdays - 4 week course

This course will increase your confidence of the basic asanas as well as breathing techniques. This is your opportunity to be at one with your body, to be present, aware and accepting to how your body moves in space.

Workshop date: 13th September 2022 - 6:15pm
Workshop cost: £85.00
Dora Dearing

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Autumn Equinox Crystal Alchemy Sound journey

Sonal will immerse you in a Crystal Alchemy Sound Journey, weaving a soundscape of harmonic vibrations with her Crystal Tones Alchemy Sound Bowls and Koshi Elemental Chimes, specifically tuned into the frequency of music theory.

Workshop date: 15th September 2022 - 7:30pm
Workshop cost: £25.00
Sonal Thakrar

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