Authenticity, Simplicity and Consistency: A Look at Our New Autumn Schedule

Authenticity. Simplicity. Consistency.

Our new Autumn schedule is designed to bring you the best of The Life Centre, with more of the teachers and classes you love, at more convenient times so that you can simply focus on your practice.

Our new schedule will offer the following:

More Consistency: We've standardised our class start times across the week to help make it easier for you to get to class.

Lunchtime Classes: You'll now find a 1 hour yoga or Pilates class every weekday lunchtime at both studios. These classes are designed to give you a full practice in your lunch break so that you can bring greater balance to your day.

More of Your Favourite Teachers: We've worked hard to ensure that most of our teachers now teach at least two classes with us so that you can build a better relationship with them and take your practice further.

Simplicity: We've listened to feedback on our class descriptions and levels and have stripped these back to make our schedule clearer. Most classes are now categorised as Open Level, with select classes specifically tailored to beginners or more experienced students.

More Pilates, Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga: We know how these classes can support a well-rounded, sustainable yoga practice and so we've added more of these classes throughout the week.


What's Changing at a Glance:



12.30-13.45 - PILATES with Emily Naumovic - NEW CLASS

13.00-14.00 - LUNCHTIME FLOW with Joyce McMiken - NEW CLASS

18.15-19.30 - YOGA FOUNDATIONS with Sandi Sharkey - NEW CLASS


14.30-15.45 - YIN YOGA with Amanda Wright - NEW CLASS


9.30-10.45 - VINYASA FLOW with Alessandra Pecorella - NEW CLASS

11.00-12.15 - YOGA with Adelene Cheong - NEW CLASS

12.30-14.00 - RESTORATIVE YOGA with Adelene Cheong - NOW AT LUNCHTIME

18.00-19.15 - JIVAMUKTI YOGA with Luis Valentine - DAY/TIME CHANGE (from 2 October)


19.30-20.45 - FLOW & RESTORE with Gillian Reeves- NEW CLASS


10.00-11.15 - JIVAMUKTI YOGA with Harriet Bone - NEW CLASS

18.15-19.30 - VINYASA FLOW with Gillian Reeves - NEW CLASS


9.30-10.45 - YOGA FOUNDATIONS with Zhozeh Zarrindast - NEW CLASS


10.00-11.15 - YOGA with Dimuthu Fonseka - NEW CLASS

11.30-12.15 - RESTORATIVE YOGA with Dimuthu Fonseka - NEW CLASS



13.00-14.00 - LUNCHTIME YOGA with Phillipa Gendall - NEW CLASS

18.00-19.15 - VINYASA FLOW with Zephyr Wildman - NOW EXTENDED


9.30-10.45 - VINYASA FLOW with Tara Lee - NEW CLASS

13.00-14.00 - LUNCHTIME VINYASA FLOW with Alida O'Connor - NEW CLASS

16:30-17.45 VINYASA FLOW with Graham Burns - NEW CLASS


13.00-14.00 - LUNCHTIME YOGA with Emily Reed - NEW CLASS

18.00-19.15 - VINYASA FLOW with Susanne Lahusen - NEW CLASS


9.30-10.45 - YOGA with Rebekah Hay-Brown - NEW CLASS

13.00-14.00 - LUNCHTIME FLOW with Alida O'Connor - NEW CLASS

19.30-20.45 - VINYASA FLOW - NEW CLASS


13.00-14.15 - YOGA with Lucy Horton - NEW CLASS



10.30-11.30 - PILATES with Sana Basma - NEW CLASS

Please note that this list is not exhaustive and some class times have changed slightly. Please check MBO for all changes.

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