Jivamukti Yoga with Harriet Bone

Harriet teaches a dynamic physical practice, aided by hands-on assists, using uplifting music and creative challenging sequences. We caught up with Harriet in this short interview to find out more about her yoga journey from student to teacher.


What, when and where was your first experience of yoga?

I discovered yoga whilst training in dance, my first experience was a physical one, finding that asana brought clarity and calm to a rather overworked body and mind. After exploring different styles and delving a little into yoga philosophy and meditation I took my first Jivamukti class when I moved to London, here at The Life Centre, Islington with Emma Henry. The practice grabbed me there and then!

How would you describe the practice of Yoga?

Like a very dear friend, always there for you for comfort, support and often giving you a (mostly gentle) nudge towards a deeper sense of clarity, balance and joy. It’s getting out of the head and into the heart.

How does yoga challenge you?

The challenge is to sit and listen inwards, whatever may be going on with life. Challenging my ability to be content with where I am and knowing, through practice, yoga will give me confidence to step up and be active in this world.

What does your own self-practice involve?

Asana feels good for me, so I always aim to do a daily physical practice, anything from 10mins to 1 1/2 hours. Also within a self practice I do a short japa meditation and some pranayama. I also love going to open classes, to practice in the company of others and feel inspired by the wonderful teachers we have here in London.

Who is the biggest inspiration on your yoga journey at the moment?

The founders of the Jivamukti method, Sharon Gannon and David Life are always inspiration for me. Their energy and dedication towards yoga shines from them and is wonderfully infectious. Here in London I am forever inspired by both Emma Henry and Lizzie Reumont, as well as the great Satsang of fellow teachers and students who keep on giving.

What role does yoga play in the way you live?

Yoga allows me to be a student of life, looking for connections, asking questions of myself and exploring with curiosity. Yoga has become an every moment practice, it’s about my interactions with others and how I go about daily life.

What do you hope your students to experience when they practice with you?

A safe and warm environment, with a sense of grounding but also the ability to explore. I hope that students are able to see yoga as a tool to enhance their life off the mat as well.

Describe the meaning of yoga in 10 words or less.

A practice to feel a sense of liberation whilst living.

What Yoga Text could you not live without?

Since teaching, my Sanskrit dictionary is a staple in my bag! This ancient language is beautiful and looking into the meaning and roots of words has helped refine my understanding and teaching.

Harriet teaches the following classes at Islington:

Monday 11.00-12.15 ~ Jivamukti Level 1-2

Tuesday and Thursday 7.30-8.30am ~ Jivamukti Spiritual Warrior

Saturday 10.45-12.15 ~ Jivamukti Level 2