Welcoming Grief - a day retreat to tend to your wild and precious heart.

with Erika Tourell and Olive Howland-Milne.

Saturday 20th April from 10-5pm in Tonbridge, Kent.


We offer this space to come together and tend our grief in community. A place to share with and witness one another; welcoming our sorrow, our love, our pain, and our gratitude. Through simple practices of embodiment, sharing, song, nature, and soothing, together we will create ritual to fully welcome our grief.

The arc of the day will begin with building the group container and support, then move into evoking and expressing grief, followed by soothing and integration. We will end together with a warming meal.

If you have never been to an event like this before (or never thought you would), you are welcome here.

If you feel your grief is untouchable or out of reach, you are welcome here.

If you feel your grief is bursting at the seams, you are welcome here.

We look forward to experiencing this heartfelt, heart-full and nourishing day together.

Cost £110.00

To book your place and if you have any questions, doubts, or something you would like to clarify before coming, please contact Erika at erikatourellcoaching@gmail.com.


The venue is a private residence a short walk from Tonbridge station in Kent. The journey time is 40 minutes from Charing Cross and the return fare costs around £20.00. The full address will be sent to you upon receipt of your payment. If you are coming by car, there is ample parking space in the driveway.

About Olive Howland-Milne

Olive works with ceremonial and nature-based practices including interspecies communication, grief tending, and meditation. She has been deepening her work with women's circles and with young people in recent years and is currently apprenticing the voice as a healing modality. Nourished by a family of human and beyond-human beings, she feels deeply inspired and connected to the medicine of grief tending in community.

About Erika Tourell

Erika has been working in the realm of healing for over three decades as a somatic therapist, yoga and meditation teacher, tantra practitioner, trauma certified coach, ritualist and circle holder. She is a mother of two grown up daughters and has been in sacred marriage with their father for almost thirty years.

Erika's passion for grief tending and ceremony comes from a strong driving desire to heal her own personal complex childhood trauma, intergenerational and collective cultural trauma. She has been greatly inspired by many different medicine men and women from different countries and shamanic lineages, sitting in plant medicine ceremonies for over fifteen years which has helped to reawaken an intimate communication with nature, the elements, and the more-than-human world. Learning from other cultures we are able to remember and reimagine our own ancestral practices of gathering together for ceremonies to lament our sorrows and to celebrate our aliveness through the offering of prayers, song and dance.