The Fluidity Retreat: Somatic Movements, Yoga, Breathwork and Wild Swimming Retreat in Galicia, Spain with Laurent Roure. June 24th – July 1st 2025

Punta da Cuso is a humble hideaway nestled on a peninsula surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and Ria Alban waters, away from roads and villages. Featuring secluded private beaches and an exceptional wild swimming experience, this venue is an ideal location to delve into the Fluidity Program and embrace water’s inherent qualities.

Amidst nature and beside me, you will be guided through the week with the kindness and wisdom of our musical host, Jacomina Kistemaker. Renowned as one of Spain’s influential sound therapists and pioneers in using sound for personal and spiritual growth and individual and planetary healing.

It’s a unique week that people enjoy returning to repeatedly!

The Fluidity & Movement Program - What is Laurent teaching in this retreat?

Moving, Breathing, Meditating, Swimming and Revitalising

Summer is the ‘Yang’ season, embodying expressions, warm energy, vibrance, fluidity, and movement – a time to embrace life fully!

The ‘Fluidity Program’ is crafted to facilitate interaction with the air, water, and fire elements, occasionally grounding us with the earth for stability and calmness.

We gently expand the heart and lungs, our bodies and consciousness through expressive body movement methods, yoga, breathwork, and meditation, fostering gentle energetic stimulation, openness, and a feeling of space!

To balance the vigour of summer, we incorporate gentle and calming practices for cooling down and resting our nervous system, which are ideal for hot, humid, and bustling summer days.

For the enjoyment of our open water swimmers and retreat participants, Centro Punta de Couso, located just ten minutes from secluded beaches with calm waters, extends an invitation to experience the freedom of movement on both land and in the water.

This magical venue provides the perfect summer setting to embrace the elements of nature and self-being.

This is the perfect way to reconnect with nature, create a sense of vitality within us, and feel purely rested and rejuvenated.

This program is about bringing a smile to your lips!

The Venue

“Centro Punta de Couso” has a very special place in Laurent’s heart. Noted musician Jacomina Kistemaker owns this charming house and sits on the beautiful Galician coast in Spain.

This idyllic setting offers a true haven away from the outside world and all its obligations, giving guests a rare opportunity to explore personal growth and self-healing without distraction.

Centro Punta de Couso, therefore, offers the ultimate retreat experience.

Located at the tip of Morrazo Peninsula in South West Galicia, Spain, this venue offers stunning views and access to the beach, forests and mountains of the rugged Atlantic coast.

Food & Gastronomy

In this Galicia yoga retreat, our meals are vegetarian, crafted by our in-house chef for a daily menu that is both balanced and delicious.

We gladly cater to any specific dietary requests you may have (within reason).

All meals feature fresh, local produce to guarantee top-notch quality.

Accommodation & Cost


Standard twin or double room (shared bathroom):

Based on 2 people sharing: £1,045.00/ per person (£1,145.00 after 31st October 2024).

Single occupancy: £1,195.00 / per person (£1,295.00 after 31st October 2024).

Please note travel is not included.

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