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Paul Drinkwater -

Various forms of massage that Paul practices help to relieve soft tissue stress, improve lymph flow and to also to energise the body. They can be combined to help ease certain conditions or as separate treatments.

1) Manual lymphatic drainage aims to stimulate the lymphatic system through the therapist mimicking the movements of the vessels themselves. It is conducted on the skin without oil, with techniques that are both rhythmic and relaxing. Symptoms that benefit from this are many: from pre/post operative procedures, acute sports injuries, immune stimulation, oedema and a general health mot.

2) Sports massage is treatment related to those practicing sports/physical activities. It can be treated as part of a sports programme or to aid an injury. The massage can be with or without oil or within the Thai/Tui na forms of massage.

3) Tui na is a form of Chinese massage that has developed from a range of specific hand techniques and conducted through clothing. These techniques aim to balance the energy patterns of the body that may have been disrupted. General symptoms of the neck and shoulders are good examples that are helped by Tui na.

4) Thai massage adapts techniques of acupressure, stretching and joint mobility. It is performed through clothing whilst lying on a futon. Symptoms that benefit from Thai massage are that related to muscle stiffness resulting from joint problems such as bursitis of the hip, lumber problems and sports linked complaints, especially from those of cyclists.