Build your Own BreathWork Routine


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  • Date: 14/09/2024
  • Teacher: Komal Dadlani
  • Price: £28.00

Saturday 14th September

1.45pm - 3.15pm

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Yogic-breathing is increasingly gaining popularity for its many benefits upon the nervous system and the mind. It is an excellent remedy for depression, anxiety, hormonal imbalances, allergies and insomnia. Learn how to establish your own home-based routine with this 1.5 hour workshop which will take you through the perfect balance of theory and practice on your journey to embodying this millenary practice

In this workshop you will learn:

What is yogic-breathing (pranayāma)?

Why is it good for me?

Key exercises to breathe better

How to sit for pranayama?

Introduction to Abdominal Breathing, Full Yogic Breathing, Kapalabhati, and Anuloma Viloma

How long to practice each exercise for?

What time of day should I practice?

How to adapt these exercises for pregnancy, menstruation, cardiac disorders, panic attacks and asthma?

How to progressively increase and deepen the practice for each exercise

Lifestyle tips to support better breathing: diet, sleeping times, etc.

You will also have access to Komal’s on-going support via IG @komi_yogi