Ceremony of Cacao, Past Life Regression Hypnosis and Crystal Alchemy Sound Bath


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  • Date: 03/10/2024
  • Teacher: Ali King
  • Price: £33.00

Thursday 3rd October - new moon day

7.30pm - 9pm

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Join Ali for a Ceremony of Cacao, Past Life Regression Hypnosis and Crystal Alchemy Sound Bath.

Ali is a gifted psychic Hypnotist and she will bring you on a magical past life journey while playing her Crystal Harp and Alchemy Sound Bowls. Accompanied by your Angels & Guides, you'll travel back in time and recover your past life gifts.

Most individuals are fully capable of accomplishing this experience. Gaining the awareness and knowledge of what occurs from the time of death until our next lifetime, for many, is a healing tool beyond description.

Ali also explains that with the help of your guardian angels, you can discern important information about the divine purpose of your present life in a safe and gentle manner.

Ali reveals that there are truly therapeutic benefits to be derived from undergoing a past life regression.

We recommend that you bring a journal to help you reflect on your magical experience after hypnosis.

The event will include:

🔮 Opening Cacao Ceremony -- The ceremony is designed to place you in a positive, uplifted state where you're open to embracing spiritual intentions as you connect more deeply with yourself and with others

🔮 Past Life Regression Hypnosis Journey plus Sound Bath

🔮 Angel Healing & Oracle Card Reading to connect to your Angelic Healing and message guidance, receive messages from your Angels

About Ali:

Ali King is a mystic, sound healer, guided voice meditation teacher and artist.

Ali is an accredited Crystal Tones® Alchemy Crystal Bowl Master Sound Healer. As an educator she developed the online Sound Healing Diploma platform, Alchemy Academy.

As a designer she established Crystal Planets, an online crystal temple for her Crystal Harp Designs and Crystal Tones® Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls. This has become an important platform where creative crystal designs and the healing power of crystal vibrations connect.

Ali has dedicated her guided voice to areas such as Quantum Healing Hypnosis, Nidra, Past Life Regression and Astral Plan Travel + Egyptian Mysticism.