Shoulder Release Yoga Workshop


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  • Date: 14/07/2024
  • Teacher: Leone Roberts
  • Price: £35.00

Sunday 14th July

1pm - 3pm

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A workshop designed to help alleviate shoulder and upper back stiffness.

Sedentary lifestyle hunched over computers is the common cause for shoulder pain as the underused muscle tone weakens, knots and the thickening of tendons develop causing severe discomfort for many people.

The postures chosen will teach the students to help realign their posture, to understand where their particular habits are that are causing the discomfort and to learn to manage their problem by using a combination of asanas with prop assistance.

The practice will include how to use a yoga chair in the Iyengar method as well as some postures taught with the yoga bricks. When there are shoulder knots, it is necessary to hold some postures for a few minutes to enable the circulation, encouraged by the stretch, to help to soften the troublesome areas. Some experience is necessary.

Before utilising props it is important to have some knowledge of the classical asanas.

Leone Roberts has been teaching since 1999. Her teacher training is Iyengar Yoga. Her method of teaching is a combination of flow and static postures.