Solar Plexus Crystal Workshop for the Summer Equinox


Schedule & Booking

  • Date: 23/06/2024
  • Teacher: Natasha Longman
  • Price: £50.00

Sunday 23rd June

1pm - 4pm

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Crystal Workshop focused on harnessing the energy of selected crystals to empower your solar plexus chakra, promoting a positive flow into your world. The solar plexus chakra, located in the upper abdomen, is associated with personal power, confidence, and accomplishment. We will work with crystals that resonate with the vibrational frequency of the solar plexus, enhancing its energy and promoting a harmonious balance.

After learning about the crystals, Natasha will then invite you to lay back for a mini tune up meditation session. What is a mini crystal tune up, it requires 7 crystals to be placed upon each of your chakras. A Selenite wand is used to cleanse through your aura field, repairing any tears that have been created by just living our every day lives. Students often drift away, see colours or white lights during the meditation and feel a sense of release, feeling lighter with more energy after the session, sometimes lasting up to 5 days after.

If you would like to learn about crystal energy, which ones to use for each chakra, would like to feel the difference in vibrations, please do come along. These workshops are fun and very creative. You will each be given a crystal set to work with during the session, so you can understand the different vibrations of crystals. Should you wish to purchase certain crystals which you have worked with after the event you can.

I am looking forward to sharing this special knowledge and meeting you all.

Why Attend?

• Knowledge and Empowerment: Learn about the unique qualities of crystals and their impact on your energy centers, equipping yourself with tools for personal growth.

• Interactive Experience: Engage in hands-on activities and discussions, ensuring a dynamic and participatory learning environment.

• Transformative Intentions: Begin the Summer Equinox with a focus on self-love and empowerment, making it a year of positive change.

Express gratitude for the synergy of solar plexus energy and the summer equinox. Carry your selected crystals with you or place them under the sunlight to absorb the potent energy. As you move forward, radiate confidence and embrace the accomplishments that align with the vibrant energy of both the solar plexus and the summer season.

We are excited to share this transformative journey with you and hope you leave the workshop feeling empowered and inspired. Get ready to harness the energy of crystals for a healthier, more balanced life!

These exclusive series of workshops for 2024, especially created for the Life Centre. The next one will be talking about our heart energy and how to release with crystals.

See you at the workshop!


Natasha is a crystal healer and reiki master for 15 years and has worked with crystals since the age of 7. Being born into a spiritual family, she has learnt many things from a young age and was lucky enough to have an amazing mother, who was a great teacher. Her mission is to help others realign and self-heal. She believes that behind every illness is an unhealed trauma and a misalignment of some sort.

Natasha is a Reiki Teacher & Crystal spiritual healer/coach. Practising Reiki for over 14 years and a love of crystals. Combining these powerful tools, creating a unique energy healing experience. I have created many crystal sessions over the years and they are available on our website from basic lessons on how to use them to crystal energy tune up and healing with crystals.