Summer Vibes - Crystal Alchemy Sound Journey


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  • Date: 27/06/2024
  • Teacher: Sonal Thakrar
  • Price: £28.00

Thursday 27th June

7.30pm - 8.45pm

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We are in the full throes of Summer, so let’s keep the Summer Vibes buzzing with the vibration and resonance of the Crystal Alchemy sound Bowls!

Tuning into the season of Summer, the days are long and warm. The sun is shining all of its radiant rays. Nature is bright and full of life. Pouring that energy into the Alchemy Bowls, they will be harmonised by the music theory of sound to play the vibration of Summer, a vibrant boost of Vitamin D through the resonance of sound.

We will open the practice with the vibration of our intentions and breath - setting the scene, before being led into a guided meditation and deep yoga nidra sleep, opening the subtle layers of the physical, mental and emotional bodies.

Sonal will then immerse you in a Crystal Alchemy Sound Journey, weaving a soundscape of the ‘Summer Season’ with her Crystal Tones Alchemy Sound Bowls and Koshi Elemental Chimes. Be prepared for a fully immersive Sound experience that has a relaxing and restorative effect on your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Every experience is unique to the individual, and will differ with every sound journey. Nurturing a state of deep relaxation, the Alchemy Sound Bowls will meet you exactly where you are, the healing is there if you are open to it.

Please note Crystal Sonic Sound Therapy is suitable for many people, however, there are a few conditions that are known contraindications. These include people with epilepsy, fitted pacemakers, or those in the first trimester of pregnancy. Please speak to us if these conditions apply to you.