Yoga for Beginners - Six Week Course

This course will be taught by our regular Yoga for Beginners' teacher, Sandi Sharkey.

What will you get out of this course?

Learn the foundations of yoga and breathwork (pranayama) from our popular and experienced beginners' yoga teacher Sandi Sharkey.

Who is this course for?

Complete beginners! Or anyone who wants to get back into yoga.

Course Structure

6 classes (45 minutes long) over 6 weeks.

Classes will each have a different breath and movement focus, build on previous classes & finish with a guided relaxation or simple meditation

  • Class 1: A brief introduction to the meaning of yoga. Getting to know the body.
  • Class 2: How to use breathing techniques and their place in yoga. Build on what you learnt last week with core work.
  • Class 3: Warrior 1 and Warrior 2. Alternate nostril breathing. Learn about how energy moves through the body.
  • Class 4: What are the Bandhas? Learn how yoga understands the body.
  • Class 5: What is a Vinyasa? Learn how to complete this popular sequence found in many yoga classes.
  • Class 6: Putting it all together. Find out which classes to attend next and how to keep your practice going.

Expected Outcomes for Students

  • Feel prepared to join a Yoga Level One or Open Yoga class.
  • Learn the foundations of yoga practice and teaching
  • Have fun moving your body in new ways
  • Learning simple relaxation techniques that we can call upon whenever we feel stressed
  • Planting the idea that yoga is helpful, enjoyable, and worth continuing with