DE-STRESS and reclaim your calm with TRE


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  • Date: 11/05/2024
  • Teacher: Magdalena Bednarek
  • Price: £35.00

Saturday 11th May

4.30pm - 6.30pm

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DE-STRESS and reclaim your calm with TRE (Tension, Stress and Trauma Releasing Exercises)

• Is your body tense and you feel stressed all the time?

• Are you are finding it impossible to slow down and relax?

• Do you often feel overwhelmed, snappy, irritated or on edge?

• Are you sleeping badly and your health is starting to suffer because of stress?

If this sounds familiar, join Magdalena to explore the healing power of TRE, a simple yet powerful and very effective somatic process for stress and tension release.

TRE stands for Tension, Stress and Trauma releasing exercises and is often referred to as a shaking meditation or a shaking therapy. It is a method that helps your body to reconnect with therapeutic tremor – your body’s natural, innate mechanism for stress recovery.

This reflex is present in all mammals. Animals, both wild and domesticated are using this mechanism beautifully. Most likely because of the social conditioning, humans disconnected from it, but it is still there in us all, waiting to be brought back on-line.

The tremor mechanism is our nervous system’s thermostat – it helps us to self-regulate, calms the nervous system down and brings it back to balance. Shaking completes the fight-flight-freeze response by discharging the residue of stress hormones and energy that was mobilised to support it. Only then can the system rest, relax, repair and grow.

When we have no effective strategies to release stress and we ‘bottle it up’ it will be stored in the body as deep muscular tension and cause the nervous system dysregulation where it becomes stuck in the ‘survival mode’ - a state of a sympathetic nervous system dominance. If unresolved this very likely will lead to physical and mental health issues.

Learning how to shake is like activating a healing superpower that can help the body to complete those past stress response cycles and return to the parasympathetic nervous system dominance – where we want to be most of the time if we want to optimise our mental health and physical wellbeing.

TRE not only helps us release stress and tension but also promotes embodiment, enhances body awareness and increases the sense of presence and aliveness.

TRE, once learnt is yours for life. You can practice it at home and after the workshop you will be sent an information pack on how to develop TRE as a self-directed practice.

This workshop is open to both new and established ‘shakers’.

The benefits of TRE are many - some are noticeable straight away and many others come as a result of regular practice. These include:

• Better sleep.

• Less stress, worry and anxiety.

• Less tension and pain.

• Improved digestion.

• More mental clarity & focus.

• Ability to relax.

• Improved relationships (to oneself and others).

• Improved symptoms of autoimmune conditions.

What to expect:

• Introduction to TRE and stress physiology.

• Group sharing (only if you feel comfortable to do so).

• Short grounding, breathing and movement exercises that you can easily take into your life to help with daily stress.

• TRE process – 7 exercises that will help you activate the tremor mechanism and a space for your body to shake and befriend the tremors.

• Integration.

• Check-in.

• Time for questions.

How to prepare:

• Wear loose, comfortable clothing.

• Leave a big meal for after the workshop.

• Mats and blankets will be provided, however if you prefer to use your own, bring them along.

TRE group sessions might not be the most suitable setting to learn TRE for people with PTSD, CPTSD and those who find it very difficult to calm down when distressed and it’s best to check in with me before signing up.

Pregnancy: it is not advisable to learn TRE in the first trimester of pregnancy. After that is mamma’s choice but please do get in touch for advice beforehand.

Injuries and recent surgeries: It is best to wait 3 months past your injury or surgery unless you have been cleared for exercise by your doctor or physiotherapist.


Magda is an experienced TRE (Tension, Stress and Trauma Releasing Exercises) provider and supervisor. She is also a qualified Hypnotherapist, Breath Coach and holds a Diploma in CBT Coaching. She is a great believer in the body’s wisdom and its natural capacity to heal. In her sessions she creates spaces focused on embodiment, finding safety, comfort and peace in the body.

Her approach is gentle and trauma informed. Being a somatically (body) oriented practitioner she focuses on working with the body and the nervous system but when and if needed she is skilful in bringing in cognitive interventions and working with the subconscious mind.

She believes that promoting choice and encouraging self-compassion and self-love has a potential for powerful transformations and she passionately introduces her clients/students to those concepts.

Magda mainly works with anxiety, panic attacks, chronic stress, general sense of overwhelm, burn out, weight loss resistance, insomnia and stress-related digestive issues. She also offers TRE as a supporting process for people healing from the aftermath of shock and childhood trauma.

She has a keen interest in weight, food and body image challenges. Magda is a certified Mind-Body Eating Coach, helping woman to make peace with food and their bodies using a powerful approach that blends mind-body nutrition and dynamic eating psychology.

She is also a student of Biodynamic Body Psychotherapy with LSBP (London School of Biodynamic Psychotherapy).