Inner Child Healing - Cacao Ceremony


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  • Date: 13/07/2024
  • Teacher: Hamaima
  • Price: £55.00

Saturday 13th July

2.30pm - 5.30pm

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Join us in sacred circle to journey deeply into the dream time supported by the heart medicine Cacao, shamanic journeying, healing sounds and guided meditation.

The emphasis of this ceremony will be connecting with our inner children, who might hold deep wounding, but also carry our very own magic and the key for us to ground our energy on Earth.

When we tune into the children within they let us know what they/we truly need to recover and to lead a healthy, happy and empowered life. Let’s embrace those childhood wounds, bring abandoned parts back home and alchemise our pain and struggles into loving power.

After we share the medicine of Cacao from the Heart of the Maya, Guatemala, we will open for a sharing of our intentions which will be amplified by the effects of Cacao that opens our hearts to aspects of ourselves that we have neglected or even abandoned.

You will then lay down to experience a Journey into the Dream time through guided meditation, shamanic sound scapes and medicine music that will help you to connect to your inner child, your guides, those who are beyond the visible realm and are here to assist your healing journey.

We will close with a sharing round and prayers.

Please let us know beforehand if you take any medications, have heart problems or are pregnant.