Abdominal & fertility massage


Schedule & Booking

Sandrine Giacobino - Notting Hill

  • Availability on request
  • 75mins - £95 (first appointment)
  • 60mins - £85
  • For Bookings please email mariposandrine@gmail.com

Sandrine started studying bodywork in 2000. After getting her first qualification in Swedish massage she went on learning more skills fromThai Massage, Tui Na, Deep tissue, Pregnancy, Thai Foot Massage, Indian Head Massage and more than 12 years ago Chi Nei Tsang learned both in Thailand and Guatemala. Sandrine then discovered The ArvigoTechniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy™, fertility massage with the rebozo technique and The Mercier Therapy.

Abdominal Massage can support women with fertility difficulties, menstrual issues, endometriosis, men with prostate problems and anyone with digestive issues. It can also help us connect to our second brain where we hold on emotions, where we digest food but also everything that happens to us.

Sandrine is still offering deep tissue massage but her emphasis is more and more on the abdominal, the seat of the body, for women, the womb being the inner compass. She is also qualified as a coach in the psychology of food to support everyone to heal their relationships with food, body and life, bringing together techniques of coaching and healing with Metaphysical Anatomy.

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