Cranial Osteopathy


Schedule & Booking

Andrew Bryant - Notting Hill

  • Monday, 8.30-21.30
  • Tuesday, 8.30-21.30
  • 45mins - £85
  • Children - £80

Cranial Osteopathy is a specialisation within osteopathy and is particularly useful in treating:

• Post traumatic injury eg traffic accidents, whiplash and head injuries
• Stress related disorders
• Post surgical recovery and scar tissue release
• Geriatric degenerative conditions of the elderly
• Pre and post natal physical issues for mum eg spinal and pelvic pain
• Colic, reflux, feeding and sleeping problems in newborns
• A wide range of physical issues in older toddlers and children

Osteopathic treatment has a very broad range of treatment options and conditions which will benefit any age group from newborn to the very elderly.

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