Ayurvedic Face Sculpting Massage


Schedule & Booking

Gerald Mousset - Notting Hill

  • 60 mins - £95 first appointment
  • 60 mins - £80 follow up within 4 months
  • To make the booking please call Gerald 07828738551

Everything is grounded in energy including beauty & wellbeing. With time, environmental pollution, stress, lifestyle & age - all can affect us so we are not looking our best.

Through specific face massage techniques and Marma Points therapy (a form of acupressure), your skin, muscles and overall look will regain vitality and brightness. Face, shoulder and head massage will help you to Relax, Refresh & Connect. Using rose water on the face this treatment is for all skin types.

Ayurveda means science of life, through this 5000 years old Indian tradition, you will help your natural ability to heal and restore.

Benefits of Ayurvedic Facial Massage

• Restores lost moisture.

• Imparts glow to dull skin.

• Reduces sagging of facial skin.

• Tones and tightens the skin.

• Removes facial toxins.

• Retains overall youth and vitality of the facial tissues.

• Exfoliates the skin.

For more than twenty years Gerald has been mastering ancient beauty techniques including Marma Therapy, Face Massage, Polarity Therapy Movements and Energy Work. Having studied with top practitioners and pioneers in Paris, London & India, he have gained sixteen certifications in holistic practices.

Gerald has been lucky to work with a number of the most prestigious cosmetic brands and stores including Harrods & Liberty as a skin care specialist & therapist, but his real joy is seeing the effect of using Ayurvedic knowledge to bring out a taylor made service to each individual.

Expect to feel and see the face you deserve (it is one of beauty), experience a let go, allowing the alignment of Mind, Body & Soul to take place. In the words of a Gerald's long time client Melina “You must call this treatment the “Voilà” face!”


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